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We love Indulge, best ever massage, most relaxing
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Osteopathy Kaikoura is still at 157 Beach Road Kaikoura 

Please phone Pat on 03 319 5834 for your booking


What our clients have to say about us......

Katie from Melbourne - such a beautiful relaxing experience.  AND a gorgeous attmosphere.  Thank you Thank you Thank you

Brian from Christchurch - first ever massage, what a wonderful experience ;]

Kerryn & Leanne from Rangiora - Relaxing way to spend the afternoon, not long enough but absolutely wonderful!

Sarah + Dana+Renata from Christchurch - Thank you so much , an amazing time.

Lisa from Kaikoura - Hot Stone Massage!  My new favourite massage

Kelly & Blair from Christchurch - Amazing!

Heidi & Tytte from Denmark - a most wonderful experience :)

Suzie and Phil from Blenheim - thanks you, lovely & relaxing

Michele from Brisbane - many thanks.  Wished it didn't end

Dianne Foote from Christchurch - soooo good especially after 10km run

Jessica from CHCH - from the moment you walk in the service was top quality 100%

Emma from Oaro - Wonderful time out for a mama of 3, expect me back

Nick and Susanne from Christchurch - Awesome thanks

Louise from Rangiora -fantastic, relaxing time, thanks so much!!!

Karyn from Kaiapoi - Love, love love how relaxed I now feel after 3 yrs of stress & EQ, thank you.

Caro from Kaiapoi - Fantastic.  Miracle workers!

Karen from Kaiapoi - Thank so much for the chill out time!!

Steph from Waikuku Beach - Wonderful time thanks so much, very accommodating 

Nicky from Christchurch - what a treat, my girls are so good to me!

Kylie from Christchurch - Thank you it was awesome, just what I needed

Naomi from Blenheim - Amazing massage! thank you Fiona, very relaxing.

Robyn from Kaikoura - Luxurious, surrounded by warmth and peace.  Excellent thanks Blou!

Kylee Amor from Christchurch - Another world, I am floating, stress no more, thanks

Alisha Thomas from Kaikoura - Amazing, a beautiful + loving experience on all levels, just what i needed!

Mitch from Melbourne - Amazing massage! Thanks!!

Joanne from Kaikoura - very relaxed, you ladies are the best, thanks

Erin & Rob from Auckland - Beautiful, thanks ladies!

Sue from Kaikoura - Did so enjoy, thanks

Sharlene from Sydney - wonderful, completely renewed!

Katie Creening from Tamworth - Amazing!!

Paul from Culverden - great help thanks

Sonia from Culverden - Lovely and relaxing, wonderful experience.

Marry from Kaikoura - Wonerful relief of tension/stress - thank you for a wonderful experience.

Jennifer from Christchurch - fabulous as always, best place

Robin from Kansas, USA - best massage ever!

Trevor from Kaikoura - Really satisfying, should have come earlier!

Audrey from Auckland - Thank you Fiona, a fantastic, professional experience

Lana from Christchurch - Amazing so relaxed! Thanks

Maggie from Blenheim - Perfect Timing, best friend & me making memories!

Lisa from Kaikoura - Always such a wonderful relaxing time! Thanks Belinda

Delwyn from Kaikoura - Fabulous as usual!!

Lou from Kaikoura- Thank you Belinda, that was so relaxing, wonderful

Richelle from Ashburton - Absolutely beautiful place & lovely treatment!! xx

Toni from Amberley - I feel rejuvenated, loved the atmosphere

Liz from Christchurch - Bliss! Belinda worked magic!

Cat from Wanganui - I walk out of here a new woman - Thanks Belinda- Love Hot Rocks!

Melissa from Wellington - Oh My Gosh wonderful! Thank you

Susan from Wellington - PERFECT way to end a 3 day walk. Body and skin feel amazing. Floating Home! BEAUTIFUL

Graham and Jac from Stewart Island - Great Hands- best start to a great weekend!

Di from Leithfield - Thank you Fiona - Just what was needed :-)

Karen and Sheryn from Rangiora - Sublime! what a great way to start a girls weekend.

David from Switzerland - Delicious!

Jane from Gold Coast - Can't wait for my best friends wedding after this.

Melinda from Christchurch - Getting married tomorrow, can't wait to switch off and relax.

Shona from Kaikoura - thanks Fi, you're awesome.

Sue from Nelson - Feel just so great Belinda thanks.

Leila from Kaikoura - feels so good I could cry, very relaxing.

Paula from Christchurch - That was great thanks.

Melissa from Kaikoura - Amazing, Thanks 

Bev from Kaikoura - great skin advise! Thank you

Avril from Christchurch - So relaxing, beneficial for the soul, will definitely be back ;0)

Gwen from Christchurch - Beautiful, relaxing, healing.  We will be back, thank you ;o)

Mike from Sydney - Awesome- perfect!

David from Switzerland - DELICIOUS!

Jane from Gold Coast - Cant wait for my best friends wedding after this.

Maelinda from Christchurch - Getting Married tomorrow- cant wait to switch off and relax!

Shona from Kaikoura - Thanks Fi, you're Awesome!!

Sue from Nelson - Belinda Thanks!! Feel just so great

Leila from Kaikoura - Feel so good I could cry! Very Relaxed

Paula from Christchurch - That was great Thanks!

Gilian from Christchurch - Beautiful, relaxing healing. We will be back! Thank you

Avril from Christchurch - So Relaxing - beneficial for the soul. Definitely will be back!

Bev from Kaikoura - Great Skin advice! - Thank you

Karen & Sherryn from Rangiora - Sublime!! What a great way to start our girls weekend!!

Chris from Christchurch - What a wonderful birthday treat, I feel great, Thank you

Sharon from Christchurch - Wonderful and sooo relaxing, Thanks Fiona so much!

Sally from Kaikoura - Thanks so much Belinda

Jo from Christchurch - What a wonderful experience - Thank you

Leanne from Christchurch - The best relaxing massage ever!!

Kay from Dunsandel - Fantastic, excellent, amazing, perfect!!!!!

Sharon from Dunsandel - Absolutely Beautiful.

Debbie from Christchurch - Amazing. Very unique special experience, I'll be back!

Kelly from Kaikoura - Wonderful birthday treat. I have a different experience whenever I come here, Thank you x

Bev from Kaikoura - Lovely, look forward to coming back again!

Ma-rea from Kaikoura - Absolutely Wonderful!! Do it more than once!! Thank you

Rebecca form Christchurch - Fantastic will be back!:)

Justine from Christchurch - Awesome! So relaxing

Ma-rea from Kaikoura- Second time just as good as first!- Thank you

Nic from Kaikoura - Gorgeous- I feel like I have a new back! Thanks Fiona x

Andrea & Adrienne from Canada - Worth the visit- Thank you!

Jessie from Queenstown - Thank you so much  

Sheree from Christchurch - Thank you, was fantastic, relaxing & appreciated the helpful advice

Sarah from Kaikoura - Heavenly Bliss! Feel so relaxed- I will be back :)

Linda from Christchurch - Another great facial Thanks again! See you nest month!

Anna from Christchurch - So relaxed. Thank you, Fantastic Experience!

Leila from Kaikoura - Body is tingling and alive! Thank you Blou!

Carolyn from USA - Excellent!

Sue from Kaikoura - Magic Blou!! Thank you

Gwen from UK - A wonderful experience, feeling very relaxed!

Jo-An from Kaiapoi - Thank you Wonderfully relaxing

Nozomi from Japan - So relaxed- feels GREAT!

Sandra from Christchurch- Wonderful Relief!

Ann from Christchurch - Feel like a new person!

Alana from Kaikoura - 15 Years Younger!!

Beck from Kaikoura - Thank you - That was bliss! I'm all relaxed and chilled

Alice & Richard from Christchurch - Very Relaxing- Thanks

Robyn from Kaikoura - Awesome Experience!! Will be back and will recommend to all! Thank you

Sue from Whitianga - Amazing and Relaxing

Lauren from England - An Amazing very much needed massage! Thanks

Louise from  England - So relaxing, wonderful massage and loved the steam!!

Emma from Wairarapa - I'll be back!! Best 30 mins! Made my day!

Wayne from Kaikoura - It was great and very relaxing! Will be back!

Shellee from Mt Maunganui - Relaxing, youthful glow, just wonderful

Kerry from Nelson - What an indulgent afternoon treat! Thank you

Bronwyn from Nelson -Amazing!! Relaxation

Frieda from Nelson - Beats Riding in wind/rain! Thank you very special

Tony from Nelson - Best one in Years!! Thanks

Miriam from Kaikoura - Always amazing!

Lucy from Christchurch - Best facials in NZ! I come very time I'm in Kaiks!

Susie from Christchurch - Best part of an awesome day! Special place thanks, magic hands x

Aileen from Australia - Excellent -Thank you

Rachel from Ireland - Wonderful Facial, feel like a new woman! Thanks

Lisa from Kaikoura - Detox Massage! Thanks so much Belinda, feel very relaxed and detoxed!

Lynn from Ohope Beach - Lovely Massage- Thank you

Eve from Kaikoura - Incredibly Delicious!!!

Joanne from Kaikoura - Thanks Fiona, so relaxing, will be back!

Lynette from Ashburton - Lovely Massage after 10k walk

Rachel from Ashburton - First Massage ! Very Good Thank you :)

Dinielle from Ashburton - Thank you Tonia a very relaxing massage, you have a real passion :) 

Phyllis from Kaikoura - Thanks for an excellent Detox Julie!! Set up for Holiday

Alison from Kaikoura - Wonderfully Relaxing time! Thank you.

 Jan from Kaikoura - Lovely and Relaxing - Thank You

Kelly from Kaikoura - Tonia- You are so lovely and professional -What an asset!! Thank you for a great massage and Facial Bliss!! :)

Kate from Nelson wrote-

Belinda, Pat, Fiona and Jacqui,

 Thank you so much to your wonderful team I had an amazing experience  at your spa - and after I arrived rather fraught - Pat you will have noticed that!

I left totally relaxed with some brilliant advice for my skin and  feeling 100% rejuvenated. - a MASSIVE thank you to your wonderful team, catch again when in Kaikoura, many thanks 

Wendy from Kaikoura - Even Nicer than Expected!!

Susi from Kaikoura - What a Treat!! Thanks Fiona

Pip from Kaikoura - Another great experience, so relaxed! Thanks Fi :)

Paul from Kaikoura - Really so good - Relaxing Thank you

Sue from Kaikoura -  Thanks Very Much- Fiona was lovely.

George from Wellington - Awesome Experience, great massage and service Belinda!

Rona from Wellington - It was Amazing!! Lovely.. very relaxing

Irene from Christchurch - So very relaxing..... Thanks!

Brian from Rangiora - Nice! Very Relaxing!

Kate from Christchurch - Amazing Belinda - So relaxing Thank you!!

April from Christchurch - Amazing experience, feel so welcome - Julie is a goddess! :)

Alison from Kaikoura - Very Relaxing Feel Great!

Andy from Kaikoura - Wonderful Experience!!! Will definitely be back! :)

Lucy from Auckland - the whole time at the spa was really something, spending time chilling afterwards and learning all about skin, have to say my skin is much clearer and especially noticed smaller pores, loving the Image products and the Quoi.

Sal from Auckland - A HUGE thank you from me and Luce for everything, we really didn’t expect to be treated like queens